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The Harrison parent teacher association (PTA) meets from 6 to 7 p.m. in the library. Business conducted at the meeting include decisions on how the PTA funds are spent, updates on event planning, special guest speakers and reports from our principal. Children are welcome to attend as child care will be provided.

Attending the PTA is a great way to become involved in your student’s education.

Membership is important to the Harrison PTA. It not only gives the organization a stronger voice with lawmakers, it gives members an opportunity to play a larger role in shaping the future of our children. PTA membership helps unite parents, teachers, businesses, and the community for the common good of all children. PTA involvement in the lives of children ensures a better future for all.

PTA memberships are renewable each year. All memberships expire August 31. PTA memberships can be purchased anytime during the year.

The amount paid for membership in the Harrison PTA is $6. By joining our local PTA chapter you are also a member of the City PTA, the State of Iowa PTA, and the National PTA. A portion of each membership goes to these organizations to provide services and resources at the city, state, and national level.


President: Gretchen Nehl
Vice president: Stephanie Kneeskern
Secretary: Julie Redmond
Treasurer: Melanie Waweru
Chris Cahalan: PTA liaison
Debbie Kohlhaas, PTA liaison
Kathie Naber: PTA liaison
Erica Gehrke: PTA liaison